"Home cooked like momma did. Lucy's
is the place to go. Hometown Diner, hometown hospitality. Going to Lucy's
is like Going to Aunt Beas for supper."
-Connie S. Fayetteville
"The service was great and quick. Brought
our food on time, everything we asked for
she brought back promptly. I would go back, good food." -Boutique C, Rogers
"I had the Chicken Fried Steak Breakfast with Biscuit and Gravy and Grits. I also had a pancake. The food was fantastic, and I enjoyed the service. Will definitely come back." - Wacey T. San Francisco
“Best darn breakfast spot around!
Bring your appetite!! Service was
quick and friendly. Regulars are greeted with a smiling “you going to have the normal or mix it up today?” Blend of the old and new: classic diner feel but with
a modern touch (i.e. coke freestyle machine). What more to be said?
Try it out! - Tom D. San Antonio
“Good food and excellent
customer service. Every restaurant
should treat their customers like
Lucy's does. Loved the fries!
Will be back.”
-Jennifer H. Broken Arrow

“Huge portions with reasonable prices.
The food is always good and they serve breakfast 24/7! Free pie on Mondays and Thursdays and a huge menu of things to choose from. It's a great diner.”
- Mallorie R. Independence, KY
"The entire population of Benton
County needs to be at Lucy's Diner
every Sunday having the $6.99 Turkey Dinner Special. Everything is fresh
and hot from the kitchen. Their
French fries are fresh cut and
perfect and dinner rolls are out
of this world." -Charles G. Rogers
"Open 24 hours! The menu is full of daily
specials, home cooking, lots of sandwiches,
an entire burger section and you can get breakfast at any time. I decided on a weekday special of roast beef with three sides, cornbread and a drink for under $7. Great value and very tasty. The mashed potatoes were yummy lumpy and the mac and cheese tasted homemade. I will definitely go back and try other items including breakfast. The waitresses were super friendly and stayed on top of keeping my drink filled."
-Cassie M. Bentonville
"This is a great all-night diner. If you want
a burger, bacon and eggs or pie at 3 a.m., this place is it. Fun music and atmosphere. Absolute favorite item is the peanut butter chocolate pie. Whooboy, you do not want to miss out on this one. It is creamy, cold, chocolatey, sweet. If you love diners, you will want to check out this place."
-Eleanor E. Rogers 
"I love this place! I prefer to come
here than Denny's. They are: Open 24/7. Available parking. Cheap. Good portioned food. I suggest getting their pancakes and hash browns. Pancakes are fluffy and rich. They come with heavy butter. Hash browns are scattered on the grill so they are crispy. They offer several toppings: ham onions, etc. Check out their menu for more details. But definitely get the hash browns! Good experience on all my visits." -Lesley K. Cypress, CA
"Went to breakfast there with a friend,
the service was great and quick, brought our
food on time good food, everything we asked
for she brought promptly, I would go back."
-Boutique C. Rogers 
"Amazing service with people that are genuinely interested in creating an awesome experience. They call regular customers by their first names. They were engaging and never pressuring. A fun atmosphere with a roadside diner feel. Food portions were phenomenal and made of fresh, quality ingredients."
-Dallas M. Las Vegas
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